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I am one upset homosexual activist. I live in Provincetown with my husband and our dog. My husband is a co-blogger on this site, hence the name “Two Gay Bullies”.

I hate Christians and I’m a the biggest hypocrite you’ve ever met. A liar too. I tend to shy away from criticizing Muslims because they scare me and because they are a designated victim group in need of special protection.

Instead, I pick on groups that don’t fight back–the Boy Scouts, the Catholic Church, white bread Mormon missionaries. Basically, I’m a gutless coward.

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  1. Fight the powah comrade!

    I’d love to see you write something about the recent courtroom victory against Dharun Ravi. 10-20 years for bias intimidation is progress, but a lot of my friends say he should’ve gotten more. What do you think? Kevorkian only served 8 years in jail for actually helping around 130 people commit suicide, but you know how it is. More serious punishments are to be reserved for h8ers like Ravi.

  2. I’m not sure if you still check this. It hasn’t been updated in a quite a while. I am currently working on a book about Fag Rag, and you mention that you have quite a stack in your attic. I’m wondering if you would be interested in giving them away or selling them (I have not funding for this project, but I would see what I could do). Anyhow, my name is Jason Lydon and I’m a writer for the rainbow times. You can see the start of this project at http://www.vimeo.com/fagrag. Thanks! Please be in touch. jason@blackandpink.org

    • Jason, were you around in those days?

      Fag Rag was wonderful. It was filled with underage male prostitutes. Unfortunately, they’re just too precious to part with. They remind me of the good old days when being queer meant sucking cock at the Boston library and forming child molester defense committees. It was really an exciting time to live.

  3. Christopher Arabadjis said:

    Just read some of your posts. Cannot figure out why you don’t sign your name to this blog, but require others to if they wish to comment.

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