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A transwoman in Philadelphia was recently victimized by the city’s prison system by being transferred to a men’s prison after it was discovered that she is actually a he, biologically speaking. Four whiny female inmates are suing the prison for housing a female prisoner (who happens t have a cock and balls) in their same facility, thus exposing them to unwanted sexual advances.

It’s all very confusing, I know. Whenever you wade into the waters of transgenderism, things get murky pretty fast.

Transgender rights are human rights. Chicks with dicks are people too, m'kay?

The prisoner in question, Jovanie Saldana, is a transwoman. If you don’t know what that means, I’ll do my best to explain. A transwoman is a man. Well, no. A transwoman is a woman, who happens to be biologically male. A biologically male woman. Make sense?

No? Well, I think that’s because you’re a bigot. You see, biology has very little to do with what sex you are. A biologically male person can be a woman and a biologically female person can be a man, if that person believes that he/she really is. And because that person believes himself/herself to be something else, then the rest of society should be forced to play along with the silly charade.

It’s called celebrating diversity. Diversity of skin color, diversity of sexual behaviors, diversity of delusional identity issues. Don’t tell me that you don’t honor diversity? We might have to find out where you work and get you fired from your job.

Transgendered people should have the same rights as anyone else. And when I say the “same” rights, I mean the right to choose which prison they will be housed in. Doesn’t everyone have a choice? I know that if I were sent to prison, I would want to be in there with the boys. I hear they get all sweaty when they work out and there’s a great sex scene after lights out. But if a transwoman wants to be in with the chicks, that’s her decision.

Jovanie Saldana, who was born with a dick and still has a dick, is actually a woman because Jovanie Saldana says so. It’s her “gender identity” that matters.

Let’s examine her story. Saldana has been living and dressing as a woman since she was twelve years old. She is now twenty-three. In 2010, she was accused of pimping and armed robbery and was sent to Riverside Correctional Facility, Philadelphia’s only women’s prison because–duh!–she’s a woman. That’s how she identifies and therefore that’s what she is. I bet some of you narrow-minded people out there think that she’s a man who suffers from mental illness, but that’s because you’re full of H8 and probably a Christofascist loser. She doesn’t have a mental illness, you do! The prison failed to conduct the mandatory strip search and cavity check, which would have revealed her to have a big black cock. Not sure why they didn’t check, but they didn’t.

Jovanie Saldana, transwoman who was housed with women until she was so unjustly removed and sent to live with a bunch of dudes.

While at Riverside, Saldana was forced to perform oral sex on a guard.  The guard assumed, like everyone else, that Saldana is a woman. Which she is, I guess. A transwoman. Ha! So the guard had no idea that the person giving him a BJ was a man. Er, I mean, a woman who happens to be biologically male.

Saldana was later overheard discussing her gender identity with her mother on the telephone. Her mother encouraged her to come clean with the prison authorities and admit that she’s a man. Which is really weird, because she’s not a man. She’s a woman because she says so. Gender is so much more complicated than outward manifestations (such as having a penis) and her transphobic mother should understand that. Her mother believes that Saldana was transferred out of Riverside because of the complaint she lodged against the prison guard rapist, and not  because she’s actually a dude.

She’s not a dude, by the way.

Other prisoners suspected that Saldana might have a secret in her drawers. They claim that she hid herself while using the toilet and showered with underwear on. Apparently, no one saw the bulge in her underwear. They felt uncomfortable around her. Jabreena Barnett, cellmate at Riverside:

“There was definitely something off – she had big calves, broad shoulders, no butt – but she had a lot of feminine ways.”

Not that big calves and broad shoulders have anything to do with gender. Nor does genitalia. It’s all about what you believe in your mind.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer,

“Barnett accused Saldana of grabbing her breasts to express admiration for them, a claim her attorney said demonstrates sexual harassment and unwanted touching.

Oh, quit yer bitchin’! It’s almost as if she’s suggesting that putting a man into a women’s prison exposed the female inmates to the risk of sexual assault. That’s just the transphobia talking. We shouldn’t care at all about the safety of the other women in prison with Saldana. They’re not important. What’s important is Saldana and her well-being. When I say I care about her well-being, I mean that it’s important that no one break it to her that people with penises are not women, they’re men. That type of emotional abuse would really crush her spirits, so let’s play along with her little game no matter how many female inmates are put in danger by her presence in a women’s facility.

And now she’s been transferred to a men’s prison, which is clearly a hazardous place to house a man who happens to believe that she’s a woman. Okay, so Saldana is being housed separately from the general prison in her new men’s prison. But that’s still not where she belongs. She belongs in Riverside, with the other chicks. Because that’s what she is–a chick, who happens to have a dick. She should be showering with the other chicks, sleeping with them, perhaps getting in prison brawls with them.

Did I mention that Jovanie Saldana got into some scuffles while at Riverside? Yeah. I heard she won all of them too. It’s amazing how easy it is for a man to kick a woman’s ass when the man has big calves and broad shoulders and a secret penis. Wait, did I say a man? She’s a woman, I keep forgetting. Saldana identifies as a woman.

During her time at Riverside, Saldana had four cellmates–Yazmin Gonzales, Katiria Chamorro, Maria Cachola, and Jabrina T. Barnett. Again, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, all four cellmates reported that Saldana “touched or groped them, subjected them to daily sexual harassment, and leered at them as they bathed or used the toilet.” They are suing the prison for $150,000, citing loss of rights, mental anguish and serious risk to their mental and emotional well-being.

Get over it bitches! That’s just life in prison. I bet there’s a bull dyke in the same cell block who does all of those same things. Next thing you know they’re going to be telling prison lesbos that they can’t have their way with the women. This could be seriously detrimental to the prison sex scene. It’s almost as if the point of gender segregation is to prevent such things from occurring in the first place, but…no matter. If we were to start down the “men and women are different” slippery slope, there’s no telling where that might end.

Riverside Correctional Facility, Philly's own women's prison.

I’m a little confused, though. If Jovanie Saldana is actually biologically male, who has been transitioning since the age of twelve, why does she still like women? She obviously still has some sexual feeling for them. After all, her cellmates accuse her of grabbing their breasts and leering at them in various states of undress. So she’s biologically male, but she identifies as a woman. She’s a woman trapped in a man’s body, who happens to still have sexual attractions for members of the opposite sex. I mean, members of the same sex.

I got it! She’s a lesbian trapped in a man’s body. She’s a man who likes women who feels like a woman herself.

If you’re confused, don’t worry about it. I’m confused too. What’s important is that you always defer to the deranged mental patient and try to understand them on their own terms. If Jovanie says she’s a woman, that means she’s a woman. If Jovanie admires women’s breasts, that means she’s a woman who likes women. She’s a lesbian. Under no circumstances are we to force our archaic beliefs about the biological determination of gender onto Jovanie or any other member of the transgender community.

Some of you really backward Midwesterners out there might think that sex is biologically determined at birth, kind of like species and race. That’s hogwash. We can choose our gender. If our minds don’t match the bodies we have, that means that there’s something wrong with our bodies and we need to fix them by mutilating our genitals and stuffing our system full of hormones. Insurance companies should have to pay for it too. It’s so much better to do that than to just get some damned counseling.

That’s because it’s important to just be yourself. If there’s anything that I’ve learned from years in the gay rights movement, that’s it. Be yourself. For me, being myself means guzzling cum and hooking up with anonymous men in the bathroom stalls at the bus station. If anyone thinks that there’s something wrong with that, they obviously want me to live a lie. And I won’t live a lie.

For the transgendered community, being yourself means…being someone else? Well, yes. It means men being women and women being men. And everyone else should have to pretend right along with you, or they’re transphobic bigots.

Unfortunately, the mental health community has not yet progressed to the point of accepting transgendereds. They consider transgendered behavior to be abnormal. But we’ve learned two things from the gay rights movement–(1) thatbehavior is not really behavior it’s identity, and (2) that there’s no such thing as “normal” and therefore no such thing as “abnormal” either.

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) still contends that transgendered persons suffer from a mental illness called Gender Identity Disorder (GID). Normally, I like to refer to the APA because they’re the experts and they tell people that there’s nothing wrong with homosexuality. They used to tell people that men who sodomize other men are sick in the head, but then we crashed their conventions and threw temper tantrums until they changed their manual to protect our delicate feelings. We’ve basically completely co-opted the mental health community since then, and they say whatever we tell them to say.

Except when it comes to transgenderism. Their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) still lists gender identity disorder (GID) as an illness. We’re going to have to fix that because it’s clearly stigmatizing. People have a right not to feel social stigma. Except for Christians, I mean. It does irreparable harm to abnormal people when you tell them that they’re abnormal. So let’s not tell them. Let’s just change the definition of abnormal so that chicks with dicks feel better about themselves.

Luckily, trannies have put the APA’s conventions under seige until they change it. I’ll even participate just to show my solidarity.They crashed the APA’s 2009 convention in San Fransicko just like we homos did back in the 1970’s. No shit!


So when you think about it, Jovanie Soldana is basically asking the City of Philadelphia to accommodate her mental illness. She thinks she’s a woman, and therefore the city should treat her as one. Makes sense to me. I want all of society to accommodate me in what was considered a mental illness up until the 1970’s. When you think about it, Soldana and I are both batshit crazy but it would harm us emotionally if anyone spoke those words out loud, so no one should be allowed to. Everyone should pretend that we’re just fine the way that we are.

In the meantime, let’s put the heat on the City of Philadelphia so that Jovanie Saldana can be returned to the women’s prison. That’s where she belongs. I’ve heard she really likes groping and ogling the other women and that she gets into fistfights with them. Clearly, Riverside if a home away from home for this transgendered lesbian with a penis that will soon be removed.

Comments on: "She-male in a women’s jail is actually a prisoner in his/her own body." (13)

  1. I read it through. While well written and entertaining (sardonically speaking), all I’ve learned is that you are very angry, but I’m not sure at who.

  2. You didn’t say if you were transgendered. As for hompsexuality and transgendered people, I am of the belief that people are born that way. I don’t blame you for being mad at some Christians (not all) who subscribe to the belief that anything other than their brand is the correct one. So screw them and as the saying goes, Don’t let them rent space in your head.

    • You’re right. I can’t believe these Christians think that they are right. After all, you believe that you’re wrong about a great many things, don’t you?

      Well, not me. I know everything and I know that they’re wrong.

  3. You have a point to make about trans people and prison life so I’d like to try to help you make it better. “She/he” (or for that matter, “tranny”) these days is often regarded as a slur by trans people and I don’t think you mean it to be. I think the preferable term here (which you did use in other places) is “transwoman”. “Transgender” is generally an adjective and an umbrella term for all gender variant or gender non-conforming people. It isn’t always that helpful, but the public uses and understands something of what that term means. “Gender-queer” is a term that applies to people who live and identify outside the gender binary (meaning female and male) altogether. Some of these folks think society should abandon the concept of gender entirely.

    I identify as a “transsexual woman” or “trans woman”. Transsexual people have either fully transitioned into the identified gender through medical intervention or intend to. I am in community with gender-queer folk, for instance, under that greater transgender umbrella.

    The trans community fights a running battle to get journalists in particular to use proper pronouns. To be referred to as “he” or “his” or “sir” or a guy in a dress or anything like that is offensive. I’m just pointing this out to help educate anybody else reading your post.

    And you are right about the DSM-IV stigma. I have to have a so-called psychological issue before I can get the physical help I need.

    Thanks for pointing out the issues for transgender people in prison. Prison is already dangerous enough and then when you add this in…

    • Thanks for the lesson. I will certainly never refer to a person by the wrong pronoun again. I think I might be able to get hip top this genderqueer thing.

      Take my advice and just keep crashing the APA’s national conventions and intimidating psychiatrists until they give you the affirmation you so desperately desire. You’re not sick, they are. Also, infiltrate their community and stock it with people who are sympathetic to your point of view. Then threaten all of the other psychiatrists who won’t conform with loss of their licenses. This has worked like gangbusters for the homosexual community.

      The child molesting community is already trying it. They want to destigmatize pedophilia and help minor-attracted adults stay within the law.


  4. Nobody can make you hate yourself, you have GOT to take your power back… do not give YOUR personal power to anyone but yourself. Own it, own who you are and you’ll be surprised how life looks a little brighter, it will radiate from your soul. I do not believe in organized religion but a higher power, more spiritual I guess. I went to a new church a few months back and left abruptly after the pastor (non-denomination) preached about how being gay will send you right to hell. Well I’m not gay BUT, I believe in living and letting live – inclusion as opposed to exclusion. That’s why I don’t believe in Christianity. You wrote a very endearing article about a very unfortunate situation and I sense a lot of hate. I hope you look deep inside your soul and realize that you are beautiful no matter who you are and you have a deeper purpose in life, perhaps it’s to get your message across and hopefully in part with that is to NOT let them win, when you take your power back, it means YOU are winning… Hugs to you. 🙂

    • Thank you for the kind words of support.

      I would have walked out of that church too. Any church that teaches the Biblical commandments about homosexuality should not be allowed to exist. The Bible is hate speech. All good churches ignore the Bible, or at least in regards to my favorite sin. I rather enjoy taking it in the ass, so I shouldn’t be made to feel bad about it, certainly not by some old book that’s basically irrelevant.

      I believe in live and let live too! That’s why I think people should be fired from their jobs if they don’t believe the same things that I do.

      It’s still amazing to me that they think they can just transfer Jovanie Saldana to a men’s prison, solely because she’s (technically) a man. She doesn’t want to be a man and she plans on chopping up her genitals at a later date, so that means she’s a chick and she belongs in the prison with other chicks. I don’t care if she’s a hazard to those other women, or that she gropes them, or that she’s undefeated in prison fistfights with other girls. She belongs in the women’s prison.

      Anyone can see where this leads. If Jovanie can’t choose which prison she will be housed in, she’s going to kill herself. Transphobia = death.

  5. I feel, kind of, like your heart is in the right place but, I felt extremely offended when I read this, is Christmas really that bad?

  6. CJ Meyer:

    Oh, I see the connection now. I really hate Christians. Every waking moment I spend hating this one group of people. They are like a plague. Come to think of it, the first Christmas was probably the worst day in the history of the world.

    Not that I believe in God.

  7. All you online experts with all the answers.

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