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The world of college sports was rocked in recent weeks by the revelation that a former assistant coach for the Penn State Nittany Lions, Jerry Sandusky,  allegedly sexually abused at least ten boys. Sandusky has been arrested and a number of university officials have been fired as a result of the scandal, up to and including the legendary head coach Joe Paterno and the university president, Graham Spanier.

Jerry Sandusky getting cuffed and stuffed.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Sandusky consented to an interview with Bob Costas of NBC News. I must say, Costas’ questions were entirely inappropriate. One in particular really ticked me off.

“Are you sexually attracted to young boys, to underage boys?”

Excuse me?! Pedophiles are not “attracted” to their victims. Everyone knows this. Pedophiles are rapists, and like all rapists, they commit their acts of perversion because of the sense of power and domination it gives them, not because they are sexually attracted to their victims. Atrraction has nothing to do with it.

Because if we were forced to admit that guys like Sandusky like little boys, we would be tactily admitting that he has same-sex attractions. And people with same sex attractions are…gay? Well, yeah. And then we would have to admit that all the child molesting priests are also gay and all the scoutmasters who prey on the scouts are gay too.  That simply can’t happen.

And we know that Sandusky is not gay. He’s a married man with six children, for crying out loud! So he’s not gay. Of course, I’ve had flings with married men before. We like to laugh at those guys in the LGBTQXYZ community. Yes, there are “straight” men who stray from their marital vows and somehow end up in the dunes down at the beach, waiting for someone to come by and sodomize them in a most anonymous fashion. These “heteros” are basically in deep denial, sometimes even unwilling to admit to themselves that they love the cock. And so we laugh at them. “Straight” men who sleep with other men are obviously not straight, or not exclusively so. In gay parlance, they’re “on the down low”.

But straight men who sleep with underaged boys are straight. And not at at all gay. We know this because we know that pedophiles are not really attracted to their victims.

The reason why some “straight” men who are married with children sometimes end up in the bed with other men is because they are deeply embarrassed by their sexual attractions. So they pretend that they don’t have these attractions. But there’s nothing embarrassing about being attracted to little boys, so obviously there are no straight men out there who are hiding their attractions to little boys. They’re up front about it. Wait a second, what I mean to say is that no one is attracted to little boys. They rape little boys because of the sense of power it provides, not sexual attraction.

Which kind of raises another question–if men who have sex with young boys are not really gay, does that mean that men who have sex with young girls are not really straight? Let’s say for example that we set up one of those Dateline NBC traps with the underage girl at home alone, and the men come in through the garage with their clothes off and then they get busted by Chris Hansen and try to make a run for it before being tased by the cops and shoved into the back of a cop car.  Obviously, since these men are engaging in rape, and since rape has nothing to do with attraction, you’d think that such a trap would net at least a few gay men. Except that doesn’t happen. Surprisingly, gay men aren’t lured into the trap when the bait is female. Strange.

So men who have sex with little girls do it because they like little girls. But men who have sex with little boys do it because of power relationships. Heterosexual pedophiles do it because they’re heterosexual. Homosexual pedophiles do it because…wait, there’s no such thing as a homosexual pedophile. They simply don’t exist. Because the sex between men and boys–which might seem to be homosexual to anyone with two brain cells to rub together–isn’t really homosexuality, and therefore its practitioners aren’t really homosexual pedophiles. They’re just pedophiles with no discernible sexual orientation.

Don’t take my word for it. It’s just what the experts say, m’kay? The EXPERTS! And if you don’t believe me, you’re obviously a science hater and I’m getting so sick of you right-wing science haters.

Science hater on display somewhere in middle America. I bet she even believes that Jerry Sandusky is gay.

Of course, the evidence bears me out. When Costas asked Sandusky if he was attracted to boys, Sandusky said no. And I believe him. He wouldn’t lie about this.

“Sexually attracted? You know, I enjoy young people. I love to be around them. But no, I’m not sexually attracted to young boys.”

See? The truth is always a serious impediment to you silly homophobes out there. We know that Sandusky is not attracted to young boys because he said so. Boo-yah! Sure, he showered with the boys, snapped towels at their tight little buns, and he may have allowed his genitals to accidentally come in contact with them. Sure, he touched them on their beautiful, adolescent legs. But he’s not attracted to them. And sure, he’s alleged to have given and received oral sex with young boys. He’s even accused of buttfucking them in the showers. But he’s not attracted to them. We know that because he says so.

Unfortunately, the American Psychiatric Association DSM-IV hasn’t been updated yet. They’re still filling people with the misinformation that pedophiles pop a chubby at the idea of having sex with children. Nonsense.They define pedophilia as:

“Over a period of at least 6 months, recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges or behaviors involving sexual activity with a pre-pubescent child or children (generally age 13 or younger)”

Sexually arousing fantasies? Sexual urges? That’s nonsense. It’s all about power. There’s no sexual attraction there. We’re going to have to educate the experts. Maybe we’ll just crash their next convention and throw a hissy fit until they change their manual to something that doesn’t make us cry.

Because if Jerry Sandusky is attracted to young boys, that would mean that he has same sex attractions. That would make him a gay pedophile, which is a subsect of the gay population. And we don’t want him. We don’t even want the word “gay” to appear in close proximity to the word pedophile. It’s imperative that we pretend that this obviously repressed homosexual is actually straight as an arrow. He’s completely hetero, it’s just that he inexplicably seeks out boys so that he can slip them the cock in the shower after football practice. It’s one of the great mysteries of the universe.

Interestingly, there was a time when the gay rights movement was confused on this point as well. If you recall my previous entry about the Revere Sex Ring ( https://twogaybullies.wordpress.com/2011/08/05/kiddie-porn-ring-busted-glad-theyll-have-good-lawyers/ ), there was quite the moral panic sweeping Boston in the late 1970’s. The district attorney, alarmed by the sordid sex dungeon uncovered in Revere that involved adult men having sex with underaged boys, set up a hotline that people could call to report pedophiles. The LGBTQXYZ community went nuts. They took the DA to court and a judge ordered the hotline be nixed.

The local gay magazine, Fag Rag, spoke out against the hotline:

“And we wanted to work to guarantee that the legal rights of the accused were observed in the midst of this panic. … It has always been the Fag Rag position that an attack on any part of the gay community (particularly one of its ‘fringes’) is an attack on all gay people.

Uh…what? Wait a second. Child molesters are now “part of the gay community”? But they aren’t gay. Odd how a gay magazine would be so concerned about the plight of child molesters.

Fag Rag: Boston's best lavender newspaper. I have stacks of this in my attic. Anyway, they came out strongly for the child molesters of Revere. So odd when you consider that they aren't gay.

The Boston/Boise Committee was formed to fight this witchhunt. When I say ‘witchhunt”, I mean a hotline that people could call to alert the police to children being raped in their neighborhood. They came out with some great material.


Under the heading “The Gay Community Fights Back”:

“Gay people have not been silent… The Boston/Boise Committee was formed to coordinate the attack on the witchhunt…It stopped the viscious hotline by threatening court action…It established a study group on the reform of sex laws. It sponsors the involvement of the National Jury Project to poll public opinion and assist jury selection. It fosters the discussion of the moral and legal issues involved in sexuality among gay men and adolescent boys.

Wait just a darn minute here. Gay man don’t have sex with adolescent boys. Because gay men who have sex with adolescent boys aren’t really gay at all. They’re child rapists. And child rapists have no sexual orientation.

Confusion abounds on this point. I’ve even been to some gay bookstores that carry pedophilia literature. Obviously, the owner of the bookstore is confused. Pedophilia literature doesn’t belong in a gay bookstore because pedophiles are not gay. It’s as completely unrelated to gayness as a book about architecture or the Sanskrit. Kind of weird how a gay bookstore owner, presumably gay himself, would stock his shelves with pedophilia literature. It’s as if he doesn’t know.

It doesn’t help that child molesters keep telling people that they’re gay men. The North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), for example, really wants to march in our Pride parades. Thirty years ago, we used to allow them, but not any more. Churchy people used to point to the child molesting faction of our Pride parades and falsely accuse us of tolerating the perverts in our midst. They clung to the silly belief that men who have sex with boys and then march in gay pride parades are gay. It became an embarrassment and a political liabilty to keep hosting NAMBLA so we had to sever the relationship.

In fact, NAMBLA was the first American LGBTQXYZ organization to join the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA). Er, wait a second, they’re not LGBTQXYZ, they’re a bunch of child rapists. Slip of the tongue, sorry. NAMBLA was later expelled when right wing Senator Jesse Helms threatened to withhold UN dues unless ILGA expelled NAMBLA. Weird how the other clubs let them join, considering the fact that they’re not gay.

NAMBLA. Even though they say they're gay, don't believe them. Because love between a man and boy is not homosexual in nature.

NAMBLA keeps spreading the viscious lie that their fondness for butt sex with adolescent boys has something to do with homosexuality. After being scorned by the Human Rights Commission as being not genuinely gay, NAMBLA responded:

“man/boy lovers are part of the gay movement and central to gay history and culture…”

Which is basically true, although we don’t want to admit that.

This is how we rationalize it to ourselves. Men who have sex with other males who are over the age of eighteen (or sixteen, depending on your jurisdiction) are gay. But men who have sex with males under the age of eighteen (or sixteen, depending on your jurisdiction) are sick, perverted pedophiles. They are definitely not gay and we can categorically say that none of them are motivated by sexual attraction.

The act of buttfucking someone who is above the age of consent is not at all comparable to  the act of buttfucking someone below the age of consent. They are completely unrelated phenomena. It’s not apples and oranges, it’s more like apples and rocket ships. The former is kind of like having black skin. It’s comparable to things like race and eye color. You’re just born that way. It’s not related to other deviant sexual acts. But the latter is sick. It’s raping kids, and so it’s comparable to all sorts of other sick sexual acts.

It kind of makes me wonder. Let’s say I was hooking up with one of my students at the local high school. This is just a hypothetical, okay? It’s not like I’ve done it. At least not on more than half a dozen times. The age of consent here in Massachusetts is sixteen, so I can have my pick of the sophmores and above. Freshmen are off limits. So if I’m boinking one of them, I’m a gay man just like Gerry Studds and his sixteen year old boy toy. But if I take my young lover to one of my favorite gay retreats in Key West, I’m suddenly a child molester. Because the age of consent in Florida is eighteen. Obviously, if I were in Florida, I wouldn’t even be able to get it up. Because I’m a gay man and not a pedophile.

So obviously, Jerry Sandusky doesn’t feel any attraction toward his victims. He’s not gay, okay? He’s straight. One hundred percent straight, even when he’s giving a youngster a hummer in the shower. Because he doesn’t even get off on it when he does it. It’s all about power relationships. There’s nothing queer about him.

Comments on: "Just to clear things up: Jerry Sandusky is NOT gay!!!" (25)

  1. Your COMPLETELY WRONG FAG BOY!!! Pedophiles are of course sexually attracted to the children they rape. There are abnormalities in the part of the brain that controls these peoples sexual desire. Since sex is functionally about reproduction a normal person will have sexual urges for members of the opposite sex and of sexual maturity. In small segments of society this reproductive urge is replaced by one of attraction to a person who they cannot breed with. In most people this manifests itself as homosexuality but for some it manifests as pedophilia and other sexual deviations. It is a completely false and idiotic ideal perpetuated by moronic feminists that rape is all about power. There are some people (sexual sadists) who are sexual aroused by suffering others who are sexually aroused by deviant acts (such as having sex with children, peeping toms, flashing ect) However pedophiles who continually victimize the same type of child over an extended period of time do have sexual attraction towards their victims. The reason why you wrote this article is you know a little stat that I do to. 40% of child sex abuse victims are males as opposed to less than five percent of adult sex abuse victims. Sorry to burst your bubble but homosexual are much more likely to be pedophiles than a hetrosexuals!!!

  2. What a load of crap.

  3. Alright guy… I’m gay, and your blog post is so off base, I don’t even know where to begin. I guess let’s start at the top:

    —> “Excuse me?! Pedophiles are not “attracted” to their victims. Everyone knows this. Pedophiles are rapists, and like all rapists, they commit their acts of perversion because of the sense of power and domination it gives them, not because they are sexually attracted to their victims. Atrraction has nothing to do with it.”

    If Sandusky wasn’t attracted to his victims, if it is all about power, then why didn’t he abuse young girls as well? Was it just by chance that all his victims were boys? Of course it wasn’t. He had a clear preference towards young males.

    “Everyone knows this” –> Great argument there… lots of backup and research.

    –> “Of course, I’ve had flings with married men before. We like to laugh at those guys in the LGBTQXYZ community. Yes, there are “straight” men who stray from their marital vows and somehow end up in the dunes down at the beach, waiting for someone to come by and sodomize them in a most anonymous fashion. These “heteros” are basically in deep denial, sometimes even unwilling to admit to themselves that they love the cock”

    What do you think the “B” in LGBT stands for? You do realize that sometimes people like both sexes, right?

    While I agree with you that Sandusky was probably not gay, he was technically bisexual – attracted to both sexes.

    If you want any credibility, you have to study up on something called logic…. never mind… I think I realize now that this post is satire.

    • Not satire. This is completely serious. Are you trying to tell me that men who bang boys under the legal age of consent are actually GAY?????!!!!!

      That’s ridiculous. And from a gay man, to boot. I think you’re a homophobe.


  5. Mainstream America considers one who engages in same-sex activity to be homosexual. Homosexuals can not totally distance themselves from this case, nor any other child sex case. There is a common thread – same sex behavior. Having same-sex relations is simply a homosexual act. If the activity is not consensual, then it is also rape (or related sex crime). If the sexual act is with a minor – it is pedophilia. It’s not a complicated issue. These child sex cases are not just some sick work “pedophilia”, they are RAPE. Let’s just call this what it is. I am not homophobic or don’t have an ax to grind here. Let’s just be honest about it. Sex with children is unnatural. Sex with someone of the same gender is unnatural. Forced or coerced sex is unnatural. The idea of entering into a sex act is a choice. Some choices are illegal, some are not. The sad thing is – abused children don’t have a choice. They don’t get to decide. Let’s not use this sad, deplorale situation to justify one’s own sexuality. Your sexuality has nothing to do with sex crimes against children or anyone else.

  6. The whole purpose of being homosexual is to use the penis to invade the anal cavity specifically designed by God with the sole purpose of evacuating excrement out of the body; consequently, nothing will prevent them from buggering young tender and innocent children, therefore, homosexuals should not be allowed to come near innocent children, if they do, they should be promptly executed.

    • Okay, now you’re really pissing me off. I’m a guidance counselor. My sole purposes in life is to form the next generation with my values.

      How can I do that if you won’t let me near your kids? Close proximity to your children is a must.


  7. While I suppose I’m thankful that you’ve posted this for debate and the opportunity for us to get into the topic, this post is sickening and repulsive. Unfortunately, it seems to represent a dominant view in the Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual community, which continues to run cover for this worst of crimes against children.

    What it boils down to is this: Rather than spend energy supporting victims of crime and doing what should be done to deter these crimes, let’s try to rationalize away any notion that homosexuals can be criminals. Starting with denying the homosexuality of one of the biggest criminals in recent times that has been CAUGHT.

    “He’s married and has children.”

    Are you fvcking serious? OMFG please spare us.

    There is no relationship between man-boy pedophilia and homosexuality? There is no connection between the powers that be and rampant homosexual abuse of interns on Capitol Hill, and the surrounding/ongoing coverup in the Catholic Church and the Sandusky case? No connection between abuses of power and homosexuality in the Roman empire or sadomasochism within the Nazi elite?

    The LGBT community, (of which I also have SEVERAL friends, not that that should matter), is mostly in huge denial about this. They are digging their own credibility grave with this infantile position. Stop denying the ownership of this mental/sexual/cultural disease as if your own personal sexuality is in question.

    LGBT community wants their “sexual freedom” on the one hand, but turns a blind eye to victims of horrific crime and it’s relationship to distorted homosexuality?

    The mainstream LGBT, with it’s middle-class/upper-class based ideology, cannot have it both ways outside of their own economic privilege and relative “freedom.” This is the problem with liberalism.

    Those us, including more rational and socially responsible LGBT’s (i.e. beyond their own perceived selfish interests), won’t tolerate it.

    And of course, people like you will call us homophobic. Wow, that really moves the discussion forward, doesn’t it?

    I am utterly disgusted by this rationalizing position of denial, though words do not really do justice for how I feel about this grotesque drivel.

    • Of course it moves the discussion forward to call you homophobic. And a poopy head.

      Listen, if the queer community had to claim ownership of all the sick puppies who molest people of the same sex, people might start to see that the numbers are way out of whack. Why does our community, which represents about three percent of the population, molest so many damned kids?

      So we just say that gay pedophiles are really gay. Only pedophiles.

  8. Delusional…I guess straight men that molest girls aren’t straight. Then they must be HOMO if they aren’t straight?

    Most gay men are not child rapers like Jerry but Jerry is gay and a perv.

    A browse through the LA Craigslist will show you that most gay men are just guys that want HOT man to MAN sex with every anonymous man they can meet. Even to the extent they will pose (write ads posing) as women.

    Personally, I want us to get back to more traditional gay values. A dark room, , hot techno beat and sweaty men dancing the night away, no names, just pulling, grabbing and stabbing.

    You write stupid crap that Jerry isn’t gay, you deserve that last paragraph.

  9. A preferential sex offender is one that prefers either boys or girls, not both. That’s what Sandusky is considered. Not one of his eight victims were female. That’s not a coincidence. I think it’s safe to say Sandusky is attracted to pre-pubescent boys. As sick as that is. How that relates to his actual sexual orientation, I dont know. He’s not gay, but he is a preferential meaning, if he had the chance he would not rape a pre-pubescent girl.

    But that’s just semantics at work, the bigger problem I have with this piece, and my reason for commenting is to clear up the thing about men “on the downlow”.

    There seems to be this big myth I’m always running into that bisexual men don’t exist. Bisexual women certainly do, in fact it’s trendy. So do men, just not openly. Lets me clear something up most bisexual men dont want to live a gay lifestyle. It would be nice if our girlfriends reacted the same way most straight men do when chicks tell them they’re bi. It would be nice if our families and friends would be cool with the idea of bisexuality. It would be nice if our careers didn’t take a hit because of it. Unfortunately society has a long way to go in the way of accepting people’s differences. So we keep it a secret, but that doesn’t mean we’re really just closeted homosexuals.

    I have a gay cousin I was talking to just a few days ago. He came out really, really young. Like around fourteen years old. I asked him why, and he put it so bluntly and perfectly “I had to, nobody believed I was straight.” He’s right, if you’re truly, truly gay you won’t be having sex with women any more than a truly straight man would be with guys. It would be hard to keep outright gayness a secret into your teenage years. People are going wonder why you aren’t out chasing girls like every other horny sixteen year old in the country. You’re almost forced to come out. But if you’re 50/50 bi you can live one life publicly and one privately. I’m certainly not endorsing cheating on your girlfriend or really even staying in the closet, but really a lot of times I think guys like me just dont need all the shit that goes along with coming out and dont because we just dont have to. It’s easier.

    That’s my rant, Im done thanks for reading.

  10. I support this Post. So… for all you Catholics and Christians, If a priest Molested little boys, ( which many of them do) Does that make it right? Does it make it right that the person who is leading you into prayer, sin forgiveness and the path to God does this? And… what if he claims that he is not Gay. In fact, he has never slept with a man before, just little boys.

    Ignorant people can put a distinction to what being gay is and being a pedophile is. Being Gay is like being straight. No one chooses their choice of attraction, but only to WHOM they are attracted to. It just happens. But let me ask you guys something! These priest and Sandusky CHOOSE to do what they did. They could have had SEX WITH MEN, but choose YOUNG LITTLE KIDS! If they were GAY then why would they HAVE SEX WITH LITTLE BOYS when there are HUNDREDS of GAY MEN readily available??? You people are ignorant selfish idiots who can’t open their minds to any possibilities other than admitting the truth.

    If your dad sexually abuses you when you are a child ( because obviously I have never heard a case of a father sexually abusing his son when his son is 30) Does that make your father gay!? Does It!?

    Oh BTW, to one of you who wrote about Sandusky and why he doesn’t rape little girls… Well, its because he isn’t coaching a little girls football team moron!

    • No. No one who sexually abuses children regardless of their title can abuse children. This is a dumb argument. And, I fear that homosexuals are so busy defending themselves that even they don’t see the real agenda. There is a movement by ‘homosexual pedophiles’ to remove child abuse laws so that they can sexually abuse children. Child molesters say that there is not a difference between child sexual abuse and homosexuality. They think both should be permissible and an expression of sexual freedom. Instead of being frustrated with “Christians” you need to take a look at the people who try to bear your own rights, who have strategized to give you those rights, to impose their own. http://www.change.org/petitions/make-child-sexual-abuse-grooming-a-felony

  11. DJ Frankee Cee said:

    Male pedophiles who target and are ATTRACTED to boys ARE in fact gay.
    If the question is why wouldn’t gay monsters like Sandusky don’t go for ADULT males,..
    and that is presented as a fact to prove he is not gay,….
    “Sandusky CHOOSE to do what they did. They could have had SEX WITH MEN, but choose YOUNG LITTLE KIDS! If they were GAY then why would they HAVE SEX WITH LITTLE BOYS when there are HUNDREDS of GAY MEN readily available??? ”
    When I become old I will STILL like younger women!!! What old man wouldn’t?
    The big fat queer Sandusky prefers young boys over full sized men for the same reason
    us old hetro males prefer younger women. Younger women are better looking!!! Idiot!!!
    Man on man sex,…. men bodies are old and nasty and smelly and wrinkled,..and boys
    bodies are young an tight and more attractive,… then grown men!!! DUH!!! Gay men are not
    beyond just “settling” for an adult man just in the same way that a married man after 20
    years just settles for his flabby old wife, that he continues to stay married to.

    “No one chooses their choice of attraction, but only to WHOM they are attracted to.
    It just happens.” While in part this MIGHT have a grain of truth, Many features are turn-offs.
    We might not have a choice of what gets us stirred up, but those of us with a conscience
    and actual willpower,… can shake off feelings. But if you are gay and don’t have that
    willpower you could do what the fat queer sandusky did. The fact that he is married with
    children does NOT mean that he didn’t become gay later on in life, or he might have be
    fighting off gay impulses for decades. So despite what gays claim we DO IN FACT have
    the ability to CHOOSE to fight the impulses. So there is a choice to be deviant and give
    in to queer gay behavior which includes being attracted to the youngest of males because
    they LOOK better than fat, old, hairy queers(gayness is really more of a fetish than a actual lifestyle,)
    or stay straight because being a man interested in other men is too fuckin weirdo. And of course
    if you remove SHAME from the formula, you end up with more queers. The more you accept,
    the more you get.
    Also the idea that Sandusky only targeted boys because he was around boys more often
    is ludicrous. That’s like saying he was NEVER near a young female but if he WERE near
    a young female he would have attacked the female. But we know he probably was near
    MANY young females. Gays just want to disown homosexual pedophiles because men
    like sandusky are OBVIOUSLY gay FIRST,… and sexual predators secondarily. Gay men
    are attracted to the priesthood because of the easy availability to other gay men and BOYS.
    That’s why there are no alter-girls, only alter-BOYS.

  12. You are misinforming an entire community. NAMBLA is saying exactly what they mean. They are Homosexual Pedophiles who want to make it legal to sexually abuse children. They enjoy what they do, and they believe that children are “sexual beings”. This is not coming from experts, it is coming out of the mouths of child molesters who have created a community in order reform abuse laws for their own advantages. I encourage you to wake up. If you feel that you as a homosexual are being given a bad name, then speak up that you are not apart of the ‘homosexual pedophile’ community, and are not attracted to boys. But you sound crazy telling a child molester who believes in what he is doing, that his feelings do not exist at all. I have created a ‘proposed bill’ to “Make Child Sexual Abuse Grooming A Felony.” It would be great for you to share this information on your blog. http://www.change.org/petitions/make-child-sexual-abuse-grooming-a-felony

  13. Total butt load of crap. Of course Sandusky is a fag. He is just a pedophile rapist fag. The 3 quite often go together. Fags are much more likely to be rapist’s pedophiles sadist’s masochists and have any of a host of other physiological disorders as well as being fags. Being a fag is a mental disorder and people with mental disorders often suffer multiple disorders. The author of this nonsense for example has no concept of reality truth or the facts. Same sex sex acts are the definition of a queer. Rape and pedophilia are simply coexisting mental disorders in Sandusky’s case.

  14. Why can’t Jerry Sandusky love who he wants to love? Aren’t we all about equality? Doesn’t he then have the right to love who he chooses? Seriously- you’re an idiot. And a hypocrite. If you’re about people loving who they choose- then why can’t a man choose a little boy to ‘love’?

    As for homosexuality- it is a choice. If it wasn’t a choice and was “part of who you are”- then it would be passed from generation to generation. Not to mention from a naturalist standpoint- which a lot of you crazies seem to be as well- it’s NOT NATURAL! It goes against nature. IT’S EVIL- DISGUSTING- AND THE REASON WE HAVE GRID, oh excuse me, politically correct- it isn’t called Gay-related immuno-deficiency anymore, it’s called AIDS. But we all still know where it came from.

    Repent. The time is at hand- you will be judged for your sins.

  15. Sandusky never had sex with a woman. His wife was what they call a “beard” that makes him look normal. He adopted his “sons” because he couldn’t have sex with her. He definitely has homosexuality. An article in Examiner says he is in a homosexual relationship in jail. Obviously, not all homosexual are pedophiles, but its obtuse not to admit that some are.

    Mark Foley is also in a homosexual relationship, now that he was “outed”

  16. rich herb said:

    yeah, he only molested boys. were all his adopted kids boys? he never had sex with his “beard”

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